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Entry #1

Getting Involved.

2010-03-06 07:46:43 by SeanHamilface

Hello Newgrounds.
I'm just starting up this account with no intent to gain much attention, only to host a little bit of my art for somebody randomly curious to come along and comment it. Although my artwork is a little bit distasteful or incredibly strange and maybe even perplexing, I ask that you come at it with a tolerant mind and try to not take any offence. You see, none of my illustrations or anything submitted is designed to offend; they are just the things that come off the top of my head.

Often my pieces might be doodles; this does not mean they are incomplete pieces of work or rough drafts, they are the final products and are just the content of my ideas poured onto paper.

My work may not be as professionally or nearly as good as anyone else's on Newgrounds, but I believe it's something possible to appreciate or comment on, and that's all I ask - to be told the thoughts of the observers, positive or negative.


I uploaded my first submission today, I hope you enjoy.
Titled "Bullet Wounded Vagina" - and that's kinda exactly what it is ^^"
I'm hoping this won't get me banned or anything, it's not too bad, is it?

Getting Involved.


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